Denali c95
Competition Waterski

Denali c95
Competition Waterski

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!!! Two build slots are available each week !!!   If you do not see the size you're looking for - click to the next week! To Purchase For Spring 2024 you need to select a "build slot" when ordering a c95.   Skis will be shipped from the factory on the "build slot" date.  Our aim is to prevent production...

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Build Date

!!! Two build slots are available each week !!!  

If you do not see the size you're looking for - click to the next week!

To Purchase

For Spring 2024 you need to select a "build slot" when ordering a c95.  

Skis will be shipped from the factory on the "build slot" date.  Our aim is to prevent production back logs and long unknown wait times.  If we are able to stay ahead of demand, skis will be shipped early and a new slot will open up.    


No Hype. Just Science.

Hands down, the best ski ever designed.


About The c95

The innovative design of the c95 harmoniously balances the distinct dynamics of acceleration and deceleration of the skier with the onset and release of throttle that modern speed control systems deliver. This is achieved through a groundbreaking approach to managing lift and drag characteristics encountered beneath the skier's feet.  This is one of the first skis in history to be designed specifically to hide the skiers load from the cruise control more effectively! The end result is an earlier path in the course that feels slower and easier while reducing the overall load on the body.

A meticulously honed and optimized torsional and longitudinal flex pattern ensures remarkably symmetric and balanced turns. The c95 effortlessly establishes comfortable width and seamless rotation out to the buoy. This helps provide the skier with ideal geometric position with the boat at apex to maximize the duration of acceleration on the downswing to center allowing the boat to do more of the work for you.

The innovative c95 design optimizes the kinematic synergy between the skier, the boat, and the course to generate smooth acceleration, weightless wake crossings, unnoticeable edge changes, and buoy-slaying turns.   

Selecting a Size

All c95s share the same 65.5” length with varying widths, which means unlike the traditional ski sizing method, the rocker, bevels, tunnel geometry and profile shape are the SAME across all sizes.

Height, Weight and Style Consideration

Selecting the right ski involves a few crucial elements: height and weight and skiing style.  Our style on the ski has a significant influence on which ski might be best for us to ride as it indirectly creates ‘variability’ in our height.

Our experience shows that skiers with a more traditional skiing style often manage well with a slightly larger ski for a given weight. On the other hand, those who adopt a more compressed, athletic skiing style tend to prefer a smaller ski. If you're between sizes, your skiing "style" should guide your choice on going with a larger or smaller size.

Another way to think about it is, skiing in a compressed stance is akin to being shorter on the ski, and a smaller size might be best. Conversely, a more upright, traditional skiing style simulates being taller, allowing for slightly larger ski ski selection.

Click to see our Sizing Chart on the Denali Tech Manual page, or keep scrolling to the bottom of this page. 

Binding & Fin Setups

Binding & Fin Setup

Use these stock settings as a starting point for your skiing.  With so many variables in this sport, we have a unique opportunity to fine to to maximize each individual's performance through a well dialed setup!

Click to see the latest binding and fin setup recommendations on the Denali Tech Manual page, or keep scrolling to the bottom of this page.

Ski Construction

Every year our craftsmanship improves, placing paramount emphasis on integrity, durability, and consistency without compromising performance. We've ingeniously devised a ski construction technique that harnesses the finest attributes from the traditional methods of RTM, pre-preg, and wet-lay-up, and brings them all together.  Although our process requires more time, skill, and patience then our competitors' methods, it ensures complete saturation and absolute consolidation of all composite laminates inside the ski. This steadfast approach maximizes structural integrity, delivering a worry-free experience on the water.

Magic Sauce

In addition to the ridiculously optimized flex and torsional configuration there's a brand new addition to the ski for 2024. We've introduced a specially curated blend of materials to infuse a touch more magic on the water - especially during suboptimal conditions. Our test team is experiencing remarkable improvements on the water on days we would expect to struggle to run an opening pass!  That all may sound vague, but we want to keep this tech close to home to help us and YOU stay ahead of the rest of the competition.


About The Designers 

We take pride in the fact that both designers at Denali Skis are distinguished engineers and even better water-skiers - who also share the rare ability to reach the physical limitation of the sport of slalom waterskiing.  Early in our skiing careers we had the opportunity to work with and be inspired by the greatest athletes and designers this sport has ever seen and our passion and curiosity has only grown deeper since.  We believe that constant and relentless iteration is the only way forward to building a ski with the capability to go well beyond the current limits of our sport.  A tremendous amount of time, attention, energy, and focus goes into every ski crafted by Denali.  We find that when we push the limits of design to make our hardest passes feel easier - skiing better and improving our scores - that it translates into EVERYEONE who rides a Denali being able to run MORE BUOYS, MORE OFTEN, MORE EASILY.  We hope you like what we have created, and we greatly appreciate the support. 


The c95 may be returned within 14 days of purchase, less a $399 restocking fee. Refunds are only accepted if you are not satisfied AFTER working directly with the Denali team to set up your ski. For setup help please email Skis can only be returned in like new condition after approval from Denali Skis with provided shipping label.


Watch the C95 engineering team in action!


   32-41off  -  Adam Caldwell


 35-43off - Adam Cord 

Drone footage of Caldwell skiing an early c95 prototype.