Can I demo a c85 in person with you? 

Demos are available at Trophy Lakes in Charleston, SC and can be booked at trophylakes.com, or with Austin Abel at Abel Ski School in North Carolina. Visit abeskischool.com to schedule a demo ride. West coast skiers can reach out to Adam Cord at adamcord@denaliskis.com.


Can I get private coaching on GUT techniques?  

Adam Cord can be reached for clinics on the West Coast at adamcord@denaliskis.com. Austin Abel runs a ski school in NC all summer. Visit abelskischool.com to schedule private coaching and learn to master GUT!


What is the Denali return/demo policy?

If you need help setting up your ski please visit the support forum and create a profile. If you need additional help dialing in your Denali, please use the Contact Form above. If you have not reached out to Denali for help with setting up the ski, your return will not be accepted. If you still are not satisfied with your Denali after receiving setup help, skis may be returned within a 2 week period after the customer has received the ski. Skis can only be returned in like new condition. The customer pays for shipping plus a $399 demo fee. The balance of the price of the ski will be refunded to the customer.​


What is GUT and why should I care?

GUT is our own theory that we created to help us to understand slalom skiing based on science. If you’re interested in learning the best way to ski, read through the GUT material. If not, that’s ok too.


Do I have to ski with GUT techniques to make the Denali ski work?

No! The Denali ski is designed to help anyone ski better. Conversely the GUT techniques will make anyone a better skier no matter what ski they ride. For the best of both worlds, use both!