Denali Super Ski Development

 Denali Super Ski Development Team

Join us!

Become an integral part of Denali by joining the lead designers and pro-team during the development of the newest generation of slalom skis and slalom skiing philosophy. 

In addition a brand new state of the art slalom ski, every team-member gets continuous feedback and one-on-one support with ski and fin setup, binding configuration in addition to monthly video coaching and weekly team meetings (zoom).  As a team, we will answer any and all questions and help each person on the team reach their fullest potential on the water.

Over the last decade Denali has proven to be the leader in; design, longevity, repeatability, integrity, performance and knowledge.  Slalom skiing is a unique blend of hydrodynamics and kinematics and we aim to unlock all of its secrets. 

Be a part of the future of slalom skiing, elevate your skiing experience, and take your performance beyond what you thought was once possible.  Join us today.

2022 Denali SSDT - $4900